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SweetAire Farm is a small farm in northeastern Maryland specializing in fruits grown without synthetic chemicals. We call this “sweetairganic” fruit. We are not organically certified, but try to grow our fruit without any chemicals at all, or, if need be, with sprays labeled as organic. Our berries have no sprays, herbicides, or nonorganic fertilizers; our tree fruits need some organic sprays for protection. Unfortunately, growing sweetairganic fruits isn’t always easy to do in our geographical region (it is too warm and humid, and there are diseases with wild hosts to infect our crops). Much of what we do to raise our fruits we had to find out ourselves through trial and error; there is not a lot of help available. Much of organic fruit growing depends on local conditions. So, our motto is: we sell flavor, not looks. If you want that good chemical flavor in your fruit, you will have to add it yourself.

We also like to be adventurous, to push the boundaries of what fruits to grow here. We grow many fruits that are not usual for this area, and we have many more on the way. Some of our tree fruits and berries cannot be found anywhere else in Maryland, and likely even farther. We pride ourselves on our variety of fruits, especially the selection of berries that we offer. We also have 75-80 different varieties of apples to offer our customers, for example.

We sell our fruit exclusively at the Saturday morning Farmers’ Market in Bel Air, MD.

Many of our customers have been with us for years, and we consider them to be friends. It is the motivation of providing our friends with healthy food that keeps us working through the cold winters and hot summers. Those friends who are allergic to commercial chemicals, who are older and not able to deal with environmental toxins, who are expecting their babies, or who are growing and developing children, are those to whom we are especially dedicated.


For our loyal friends, we say “thanks”.,


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Since we feature only the freshest produce, our selection changes from week-to-week, season-to-season.

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